Sports day

Don’t you love sport or even having sports day at school well at my school  had it these are  the houses we have Blue,Red,Yellow and Green house.

Blue house came first and were very happy but they didn’t brag one bit. Red house came second Yellow house came third and Green house came fourth but everyone still tried there hardest to make there team happy and proud!

 I got one ribbon it was for limbo, I came first in it. My favourite event was limbo because it is fun when you bend right back and also it’s fun to know who  won. Last year I came second in limbo so I think I have inproved alot since last year.

                                   How many ribbons did you get?
                             What was your favourite event?

Party time

Party, don’t you love going to a party or having one? well I do and I went one ( can you guess where by all the clues?)

The first thing that court my eye was the highest wall it went upside down but unfortunly we had to play some games.

The first game we played was a game were you had to run around and when the instructer said stop we had to hang onto a wall.Josie won that game.The second game we played was octopus but I was getting a drink and when I came back they were nearly finished Josie won that game again!

After that game we got our harness on ( we all had a bit of trouble

I did because I could not do it up as tight but then I got some help

doing it up really tight.)Later on it was climb  time I touched the roof  7 walls!Then it was cake time we had a yummy ice cream cake mmm mm!

                                    Have you been to a party like that?

                                  Do you know where I went by the clues I gave you?

                                 If you still can’t work out where I went comment and ask me then.


This post is about Random act of kindness if your wondering what

 that is it is a act of kindness that you don’t  really mean to do.

Our school has a button that goes around and if you see a random act

of kindness you give the button to that person who did it and they pass it on.

Would you like to see a cute picture of somebody doing this?

image from: animal’s act of kindness

Bunnys and puppys are not very good friends but they are here.

Thanks for reading,Lucy






My Invention……….

Do you ever make an invention and think nobody will EVER find out well now you know mine.

1. It would be a water slide but not any old water slide it would be one that

as you go down it  you would have melted chocolate falling into your mouth.

2. It would be unlimited tickets for 5 cents only and the plane would have a pool

and it would have a spa that would be hot or cold

                                       What are your inventions?

                                       Do you like mine?


5 more things to do when bored!

Hi everybody,

I am adding on another post and if your wondering why I said that it’s because if you go to  she has ten more!These are what I have came up with!

1st: You could go down to the harbor and get an ice cream/gelartie.

2nd: You could go to the beach and have a swim/surf

3rd: Go into your pool it’s fit

4th:watch T.V or play on computer it’s entertaining

5th:do lot’s of kindness cards

I hope you can use these one day and maybe yet out Josie’s blog                Do you know any other things?


Where I would love to go

Hello Everybody,

As you can see this post is about the one place I have not been and would like to go, would you like to find out well I bet you do.

The one place I would love to go is Hawaii because I love the beach and when your in Hawaii it feels like it’s always summer.

I would also like to visit Fiji (Plantation Island) and Mammoth Mountain again.

The reason I would like to visit Fiji again is because it is such a nice place to relax, swim,surf and have lots of fun.

There are loads of things to do in Fiji such as get your hair braided, swim,snorkel,surf,explore and much much more.

Now I am going to say about why I want to go to Mammoth Mountain again first because I love to ski.

Second of all there is such beautiful snow and places to stay, the place I stayed at had a outdoor spa it was so nice one time it was snowing lightly while we were in it.

This is a picture of Hawaii

Image from:

This is the wonderful Fiji

Image from:

Lucky last we have the snowy Mammoth mountain

Image from:

If I could only have 5 things!

Hello Everyone,

This post is about 5 things I would have

these are my 5 things I would have:
1st: I would have a massive mansion with a pool and

water slide that would go fast for people who want it really fast and

slow for other people.

The mansion would have room service so you can ask

for anything and it would take 5 seconds to come up.

2nd: I would have all of my friends and family that I have now and make new friends from other countries.

3rd: There was no such thing as poor people and

everyone was happy and able to be fit and healthy.

4th: My own island with perfect big surf that you can control

if you want it BIG or small or medium and the other half would be a jungle with only friendly animals

and money and lollies and healthy stuff grew on tree’s in the jungle.

5th: Last but not least I would have unlimited wishes for anything I want like

to get ANYTHING!

these are my 5 things but I can’t wait to here yours!

Check out 3/4 learning legends@lonnie to see all of our blogs but if you want to

see more of this go onto Josie’s blog to see what her 5 things would be.

thanks for reading, Lucy

Can you tell me about what 5 things you would have?

Have you seen Josie’s 5 things?



Hi Everybody,

Here at Point Lonsdale  Primary School 3-6’s are doing tribes.

Tribes are where you have a group Of 5 or 6 people that you don’t really know that much, like if I was really good friends

with somebody I would not get that person in my group.

I have 6 people in my tribe they are Leilani, Grace,Bethany,Harry,Daniel and me!

We have done lot’s of our activity’s with our tribe with only a little bit of time.

One of the activity’s we did was making a poster of our faces it was so fun but their was a bit of a twist

we had to draw someone else from your tribe but because I was away I had to make my own face

but it was still fun!

Who is in your tribe?

Do you do tribes at your school?

What school are you at?

Thanks for reading,



Hi again it’s me Lucy,

Don’t you love Summer I do that mean’s you can surf in bathers and short wetsuit’s.

I love to surf in summer and in winter

but in winter it’s cold I still surf.

Do you surf in winter?

Do you like to surf?

Thank’s for reading, Lucy