Christmas is here!!!!

If it’s not a birthday or easter then it must be Christmas. At our school we finish next week on friday so we finish 4 days before christmas it’s good but bad good because we don’t have to wait a long time till Christmas but bad because we are still at school an other people like older brother and sister’s aren’t at school.  Christmas comments, orkut scraps, glitter graphics, images for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, friendster, tagged image from:

Christmas is about joy,fun,happiness and much more. My family normaly leaves milk and biscuits for santa and carrots and water for the reindeers. 

For christmas I want: Budgie,zongo bongo,hair curler,blow up pool and much more.

What do you want for christmas?
What do you leave santa?   Do you know what your getting?

11 thoughts on “Christmas is here!!!!

  1. Hi Lucy
    Hmmm I’d love to know what zongo bongo is… is it something I would like because it sounds amazing. Can you eat it?
    We will be leaving Santa a bottle of beer and a mince pie, with carrots for Rudolf.
    In school, we do a number of things in the run up to Christmas: we sing carols for the old folk at the luncheon club, we have a special Christmas dinner, we have Christmas parties for each class, we go to the pantomime and we have a Christingle service in the church. We have made some Christmas cakes and we are going to decorate those this week to give to parents.
    What special things do you do in your class for Christmas?
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,
      You can’t eat a zongo bongo it’s a bit like a pogo stick.
      In our school in the last week we do lot’s of
      Christmas activitys.
      But we normaly don’t know what we are going to do.
      When are you on holidays?
      What do the kids in your class want for christmas?

  2. Hi Lucy
    We are the same as you! We finish on Friday 21st December. Then 4 days to Christmas!
    It’s a good question about what the children in my class want for Christmas… I will investigate tomorrow and let you know!
    Bye for now
    Mrs M

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,
      Thanks it would be good to find out what they want.
      In america what is the time difference to us?
      Bye for now
      P.S I will try get on your blog

  3. Hi Lucy
    We actually are in England, quite a long way from America! I have been there a couple of times. The time difference between England and the East Coast is 5 hours. It is more for the west coast. The time difference between Australia and England is, I think, 13 hours at the moment. So pretty much when you’re in bed, we’re in school, and vice versa!
    That means that although we finish school at the same time on the same day, on Friday 21st December your holidays will have started and we will just be coming into school! It all gets quite confusing…
    Mrs Monaghan

      • Hi Lucy,
        Here are the results of my investigations!
        2 children want a Furby, 2 children want x-box 360, 2 children want a scooter, one wants a new girth for his horse (it’s something to do with the saddle!) 2 children want tablet computers, and one wants a SNAKE!!! Lots of kids want sweets, and books are also a popular choice. Nobody said ‘Zongo-Bongo’. but we looked it up and then quite a lot of kids fancied one! It looks a bit dangerous to me… I hope you get what you want – or a little bit of it, at least!
        Mrs Monaghan

  4. Hi Everybody,
    I got a boogy board chocolate and lot’s of presents from Nanna. from Elsie.
    I got chocolate helmet and lot’s of presents from my family. from lucy

    What did you get?
    from elsie and lucy

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