Turning trash into…… toy’s

Hey Hey everyone,

Well in the three four area we have been ameing to make things out trash but when I say trash I don’t mean dirty rubbish I mean straws boxs cups ballons tubes cardboard and much much more.

Every tribe has a  box with all the equipment they need every tribe has decided what they will make as there toy and what extra things they need. Each tribe has three life lines which means if they have dome to certain time when they have noticed that they don’t have something or want something to decarate there toy they can come up and use a life line.

Trading time is when you get something from your box that you don’t  need and put it in the middle every tribe has to put something in the middle if you don’t want to put something in the box because you neexd it you could make a new toy or put something that’s the least inportant then you could use something simaler to what you might of been useing.

My tribe is going to make something not so complecated our moving part is the balloon it makes our toy fly around with the lego man in the middle. You can also blow up a your balloon or blow it up and don’t tie it so then the air flow’s throw the cup and the forse of air will make it fly.

Thanks for reading, Lucy

15 thoughts on “Turning trash into…… toy’s

  1. hi guys,
    i love our toy project it so fun, our tribe is doing a fearstwheel it mite be hard but were still doing that our moveing part is the wheel what are you doing again lucy?
    do you think it is fun?


  2. Dear Lucy,

    Your tribe has worked so well with your toys. Hopefully this week we will get some time to finish them off.

    I really enjoyed the trading time, and I hope we get to do it again! What has been your favourite part about the Toy Project?

    Mrs Murphy

    • Hi Mrs Murphy,
      my favourite bit about the project was getting with my tribe and thinking of things we want to do.
      what Has been your favourite thing?]

  3. Hey Lucy Anna here
    I love making trash into toys
    We made a dump truck thing that you can pull along oh and the string had magnets on the end
    I was trashed at the end all the things where all ripped smashed or not there any more
    What was your toy and why did you decide that toy?
    Bye guys

  4. Hey lucy,
    i loved doing that project. i made a robot with my tribe and you would pull it along with this elastic piece we got

    see ya charotte 😉

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