Sports day

Don’t you love sport or even having sports day at school well at my school  had it these are  the houses we have Blue,Red,Yellow and Green house.

Blue house came first and were very happy but they didn’t brag one bit. Red house came second Yellow house came third and Green house came fourth but everyone still tried there hardest to make there team happy and proud!

 I got one ribbon it was for limbo, I came first in it. My favourite event was limbo because it is fun when you bend right back and also it’s fun to know who  won. Last year I came second in limbo so I think I have inproved alot since last year.

                                   How many ribbons did you get?
                             What was your favourite event?

27 thoughts on “Sports day

  1. Hey Lucy,
    my favourite event was
    the relays ( coz we won 😛 )
    I got a 1st ribbon for relays,
    3rd ribbon for shotput and
    I got another 3rd but I forgot what it was for 😉
    from geordie

  2. Hi everyone it’s Josie here,
    I loved sports day, did you? I got two ribbons, one third for long jump and a well done for long jump!
    Awesome poat!

  3. I got 6 ribens.I got a 3rd in the sack race, 2nd in hurttles, I got a 1st in limbo, sprints, relays and long distance. My favourite events where limbo and all the running things even hurttles. Sports day was great!!

    From Livia 🙂

  4. HI lucy,
    I have enjoyed reading about what you have been doing a school and I hope that I can see some more post’s on your blog.
    And when I did sports day at my school this year I got 6 ribbons.

  5. Hi Lucy,
    love your blog. This is my first time on your blog I love your wave going on the rocks.
    I will write to you again tonight!

    From Lily*

    • Hi Lil,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog.
      I would also love to see some more comments because I only have 153 comments so far
      From Lucy.

  6. ohh And Lucy are you going on holidays?

    I am going to Byron bay and I hope that I can get some waves.
    Also I hope that it is womer there then what it is here

    From Lily

  7. Dear Lucy
    what are you feeling and why?
    Also are you waching a movie tonight?
    Also what are you having for dinner?
    I am having nachos and cordial.
    Also I am hoping that you can write back to me soon.

    From Lily

  8. Dear Lucy
    thank you for putting my comments on your great blog and how do you do a smily face?
    Keep up the good work on your blog Lucy.

    From Lily

  9. Hi Lucy,
    This such a cool blog you have. I have only just been on recently. keep up the good work. I will try and look on it often but now I have to go.

    Bye for now
    Grace ;]

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