I love to surf.

The other weekend I went in  a surf comp called the wahu surfer groms comp. In my first heat I came 2nd and in my second I came 1st.

Then I got into the finals and came 2nd. There was only one person in the whole comp that I didn’t bet, her name was Arabella (Bella).

Surfing is my favourite sport and my favourite thing to do.

My blogging goal

Hi everyone,

As you might have seen I have not been on my blog for quite a while, so this is one of my first posts in a long time. I have a blogging goal and that is to get more visiters.


Happy Easter bloggers,

I hope you all had a great Easter. I got lot’s of chocolate and i have already eaten it all, have you eaten all of your Easter eggs?   On the holidays I went surfing a lot. I went to a surfing place called A frames and that was great we had to get up at 4:30 am and leave at 5:00 am I was soooo tired. We Climbed down a cliff carrying our surfboards and that was freaky.

I hope you all had a great holiday that was just some of the things I got up to I’m looking forward to hearing what you got up to on the holiday.

                What did you get up to on the holidays?

What did you get for Easter?

Thanks for reading, Lucy



I love summer 1 because you can surf in bathers 2 it’s hot 3 it’s the best 4 you can surf and lot’s  more. Just to warn you this is a small post.

Feel free to comment over summer.

This blog will still be posting postes hopefully

Christmas is here!!!!

If it’s not a birthday or easter then it must be Christmas. At our school we finish next week on friday so we finish 4 days before christmas it’s good but bad good because we don’t have to wait a long time till Christmas but bad because we are still at school an other people like older brother and sister’s aren’t at school.  Christmas comments, orkut scraps, glitter graphics, images for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, friendster, tagged image from:

Christmas is about joy,fun,happiness and much more. My family normaly leaves milk and biscuits for santa and carrots and water for the reindeers. 

For christmas I want: Budgie,zongo bongo,hair curler,blow up pool and much more.

What do you want for christmas?
What do you leave santa?   Do you know what your getting?

Edublog award nomanations

Hey everybody, it’s nominating time and these are the blogs I would like to nomanate:
Best student blog:

THE BLOG Geordie is a grade four and was one of the first people to get a blog at our school he is very commited and will always try his best.

Best class blog:
4km and 4kj they are always writing about positive things and never writes about bad things once again they are always putting new posts up

Have you voted?
Have you nomanted someone? 

Turning trash into…… toy’s

Hey Hey everyone,

Well in the three four area we have been ameing to make things out trash but when I say trash I don’t mean dirty rubbish I mean straws boxs cups ballons tubes cardboard and much much more.

Every tribe has a  box with all the equipment they need every tribe has decided what they will make as there toy and what extra things they need. Each tribe has three life lines which means if they have dome to certain time when they have noticed that they don’t have something or want something to decarate there toy they can come up and use a life line.

Trading time is when you get something from your box that you don’t  need and put it in the middle every tribe has to put something in the middle if you don’t want to put something in the box because you neexd it you could make a new toy or put something that’s the least inportant then you could use something simaler to what you might of been useing.

My tribe is going to make something not so complecated our moving part is the balloon it makes our toy fly around with the lego man in the middle. You can also blow up a your balloon or blow it up and don’t tie it so then the air flow’s throw the cup and the forse of air will make it fly.

Thanks for reading, Lucy

Our BIG kindness idea

 Hi Everyone,

Recently the three fours have been working on doing a big kindness idea for people we have acheved a  bit of our first kindness idea was giving away free icy poles to the school on hot dog day the 50c from the $2.50 was donated to us to buy things for the soliders fighting in Affcanistan they will give the things in the box to Affcanastan kids (but the soliders still get something themselves).

This kind and fabulous idea to give away sweet’s wassomeone with such a kind heart she was so excited that her idea was put into a kind idea.

Thank’s for reading my post, Lucy